Global Health Brokerage was founded on the principles of sourcing high quality, ethical brands from around the world and bringing them to the Canadian Market.   For over 15 years we’ve worked tirelessly to provide the personal touch and care of a small firm, with many of the services of a larger organization.  Our primary focus is on growing sales, so that is the lens through which we view all "non-selling" services such as marketing, brand management, regulatory assistance etc.  

With all our industry consolidations and acquisitions we have chosen to go the opposite route and work towards specialization.  After a few years managing brands accross mulitiple categories  we've really found our niche with natural body care and supplements.  This has allowed us to narrow our focus and drive deeper with each brand rather than spreading ourselves too thin.  Is it working?  Sales increases don't lie!  Ask us how we can help develop and grow your natural product brand.