A NATURAL PRODUCTS broker is only as good as its sales & marketing team.  Jason, Theo & John bring several decades of experience to the table.

JASON SPRING – President


Jason has nearly  25 years of Sales & Marketing experience working at the Broker, Importer & Distributor levels. The experience he gained over the years proved so valuable that in 2009 he acquired Global Health Brokerage to strike out on his own.  Brokering is the perfect fit for Jason as his skill set is very much suited to this dynamic business.  Time management, computer proficiency, organization, charisma, and passion are some of Jason’s key attributes that lend so well to the Broker business.


THEO PYPKER – Ontario Business Manager

photo 2Theo’s industry experience reaches back to 1988 when he owned Ye Old Health Shoppe. He spent time in the 90’s as a Broker before starting Maxion Nutrition and running it from 1999-2009. His responsibilities at Maxion included marketing, sales management and education. Since selling Maxion, Theo has returned to his roots as a Natural Products Broker, representing a number of quality supplement lines in Ontario. There are not many stores Theo doesn’t know, and hardly a facet of our great industry he hasn’t work in.

JOHN DEBS- Green Foods Specialist

John Debs Pic
John Debs is our Supplement Specialist for the Ottawa and Quebec Markets. John has a long history with in our industry and is considered an expert in his field.  John is multi-lingual which is a great asset in the cosmopolitan city of Montreal where the majority of his accounts are located.